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You can experience a MEASURABLE loss.While relaxing in a spa like atmosphere, EZee Slim technicians will apply safe, mild micro-stimulation of muscles for toning, and heat diathermy wraps for targeted fat reduction. The EZEE SLIM Toning and Fat Reduction System is used by sports doctors, and physical therapists to strengthen damaged muscles. Now, EZee Slim takes this incredible technology to sculpt and contour bodies. Do your work-out in a relaxing few minutes.

Incredible Results

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We became believers: Like you, we were frustrated with trying to stay in shape. The time and energy needed to go to the gym was never there. It was easy to find excuses to skip a workout. Then we found the EZEE SLIM system, and tried it. WOW! The 'workout' was: relaxing on a massage bed, being pampered, and spending 15-30 minutes having the system work the muscles, and heat to work on those cellulite 'issues'. We learned that a 15 minute session was equivalent to HOURS in the gym, and we could 'sneak' a workout into a busy day! The results were simply terrific. We were able to measure the results after the first session. We were excited, and decided to bring this technology to our friends, family, and community - so here we are! We serve Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, and Stony Plain from our Spruce Grove location. Call us at (780) 619-8266 and let us make you a believer too!


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